Weight Loss Consulting and Recipe Formulation

Sadly, a lot of companion animals are obese or close to it. Obesity occurs for a variety of reasons, but an unhealthy diet is typically the main culprit. Many pet foods contain fillers, additives and items featuring little to no nutritional value. Fortunately, if obesity gets addressed early enough, it can be altered, and your dog can live a long and healthy life.

We offer a weight loss consultation that lasts for one month. During this time, we will assess your dog’s individual needs and adjust their diet to get them into better shape both physically and mentally.

Throughout the one-month consultation, we will work alongside you to formulate a diet suited to your dog and their overall health. We will break down the whole weight loss journey to you in a thorough and easy-to-follow plan.

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Why Choose A Weight Loss Consultation?

Sadly, obesity contributes to an array of health problems that dogs can experience. As with humans, dogs who are obese face a higher percentage of illnesses that can lead to an unhappy dog and owner. Health issues such as arthritis, bladder infections, liver disease and joint problems can all be attributed to obesity. Dealing with the problem before it gets too out of hand can help your dog have a more active and happier lifestyle.

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Information Required Before Consultation

Once you have decided to continue with the weight loss consultation, we will first ask for you to fill out a patient diet history form, and any other health-related paperwork you think would be beneficial to form the diet plan.

Collaboration and education are an important part of helping your dog find ways to continue to stay healthy and happy. We value your collaboration and working together to help us give your dog the best chance of success and a long future with your furry friend by your side.

Diet History Form

What’s Included in the Consultation?

1. We will look over patient diet history form and any health-related information that you have provided us.

2. We will then determine a healthy weight and diet plan with a focus on your dog’s nutritional requirements.

3. After taking all of the recommendations and your dog’s current lifestyle into consideration, we will formulate one recipe explicitly to help your dog get to a healthy weight. Additional recipes are available for $50 each.

4. We don’t want the diet plan to be stressful, so we will write out the items you need to cover for a week’s worth of meals. This will save you time, as you can plan and prepare the meals in advance. The write-up will also include relevant information, such as the exact amounts of ingredients and other vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that can help your dog lose weight.

5. We will then send you the completed recipe with a complete nutritional analysis, feeding recommendations, recipe preparation instructions, and proper use of supplements. We also add some excellent links to supplement companies that we trust.

6. For one month after the consultation, we will send follow-up emails to see how your dog responds to the new diet plan. This is a great time to let us know what is and isn’t working and answer any questions you may have.

7. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide ongoing support.

8. If you are feeling nervous about the idea of cooking meals for your dog or you lack the time, you don’t have to worry. We are more than happy to make the meals for you for an additional cost per order.

Contact Your Canine Nutritionist today to schedule a consultation for recipe formulations. Our dogs are our best friends, and they deserve all the happiness, joy and health that we offer them.

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Contact Your Canine Nutritionist today to schedule a weight loss consultation. Our dogs are our best friends, and they deserve all the happiness, joy, and health that we can offer them.

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* I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose, treat or offer medical advice for your dog.
Consultations are focused on nutrition and education.