Puppy Recipe Formulation

Our puppy consultation and recipe formulating service are for dog owners who would like to feed their puppy a healthy home-cooked diet that is specifically formulated to their needs. We will work closely with you to make the necessary dietary changes until your puppy becomes an adult.

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Why Diet Formulations are Important for Your Puppy?

Puppies are cute, cuddly, and a whole lot of fun, but their nutritional needs are not as straightforward as an adult dog. Their diet must provide them with the correct amount and suitable composition of key essential nutrients. A proper diet will help to give a puppy the best possible start to life and each diet formulation is designed to meet the puppy’s individual needs that are unique to them.

Within the first year, a puppies’ nutritional and dietary needs will change quite rapidly. Martina will work with you to make the necessary dietary changes so that your puppy gets the right amount of nutrients as they continue to grow. We pay particular attention to your puppy’s breed and their typical genetic disposition as well as their overall lifestyle.

Do you have a pup that is a ball of energy, and enjoys an active lifestyle? Or are they a homebody that likes to lounge on the couch? How many walks does your pup enjoy in a day? Understanding your puppy’s daily routines will help us craft an appropriate diet to meet their personal nutritional needs.
When your pup becomes an adult, Martina will formulate the final adult maintenance diet that the client can continue feeding, so your dog’s healthy lifestyle can continue into adulthood.

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Information Required Before Consultation Begins

Once you have decided to carry on with our puppy diet formulation service, we will need to ask you to fill out a patient diet history form, and for any health-related paperwork from your vet or breeder that you think would be beneficial to formulate a diet plan.

Collaboration and education are essential in helping your dog to stay happy and healthy. We value your partnership, and working alongside us will help give your dog the best chance of success and a long future with your furry friend by your side.

After we have received all paperwork, we will schedule a 30-minute phone consultation. This phone consultation is essential in helping us learn more about your dog. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions or discuss the plan for your puppy as a whole.

Diet History Form

What’s Included in the Consultation?

1. We will look over the patient diet history form and any health-related information that you have provided us regarding your puppy.

2. After taking your dog’s breed and other relevant information into consideration, we will design one recipe to help your puppy start growing strong. This recipe will also provide them with the nutrients they need to keep up with the energy they will be burning off. Additional recipes are available for $50 each.

3. Next we will write out the items you need to cover a week’s worth of meals. This will save you time, as you plan and prepare meals ahead of time. We will also include relevant information, such as the exact amounts of ingredients as well as other vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that will also contribute to your puppy’s healthy lifespan.

4. We will then send you a finished copy of the recipe with a complete nutritional analysis, feeding recommendations, recipe preparation instructions, and proper use of supplements. We also add some excellent links to supplement companies that we trust.

5. For one month after the consultation, we will send follow-up emails to see how your puppy responds to their diet plan. This is a great time to let us know what is or isn’t working and to answer any questions you may have.

6. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide ongoing support.

7. If you are feeling nervous about the idea of cooking meals for your puppy or you lack the time, don’t worry, we are more than happy to make the meals for you at an additional cost per order.

Contact Your Canine Nutritionist today to schedule a consultation for recipe formulations. Our dogs are our best friends, and they deserve all the happiness, joy and health that we offer them.

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Please book your puppy consultation today to help your little friend put their best paws forward while they a young so they can grow into strong, happy, and healthy adults.

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* I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose, treat or offer medical advice for your dog.
Consultations are focused on nutrition and education.