Personalized Dog Food Recipes For Your Pets

We offer pet owners personalized diet plans that meet their canine’s individual nutritional requirements and unique needs.

Personalized Nutrition For A Healthy Thriving Pet

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We offer pet owners with personalized diet plans that are formulated to meet their canine’s individual nutritional requirements and cater to their unique needs.

We also provide revolutionary commercial formulations that leverage manufacturers, startups, and seasoned industry experts with meticulously crafted pet food recipes and an innovative, competitive edge to take their brand to unprecedented heights.

Your Canine Nutritionist - Nutritional Canine Recipes

Martina Schumann

Certified Pet Nutritionist

Martina is an accomplished pet nutritionist and pet food expert with over 10 years of experience. She has developed and formulated hundreds of successful recipes for pet owners and commercial markets, solidifying her reputation as a leader in the field. Martina’s personal journey of feeding her own dogs a balanced, fresh-cooked diet and witnessing their thriving health and longevity has inspired her mission to promote natural, nutritious food for dogs everywhere. Her dedication and expertise have transformed the lives of countless pets and their owners.

Commercial Services

At Your Canine Nutritionist, we have the knowledge and experience to help your existing business grow and thrive. May your business be small, large, or you’re just starting. We want to help you with your passion for assisting dogs in living healthy and joyful lives.

We can support you and your business with various canine food projects that you can sell in a small or large-scale setting. Whether it’s something simple like organic, homemade dog treats or preparing full meals, we’re here to help you with your new or preexisting endeavours.

High Quality Commercial Recipe Formulation

Your Canine Nutritionist - Nutritional Canine Recipes

We understand that your brand integrity is crucial in growing a reputable business. That’s why providing a commercial product with the highest quality to your clients is extremely important. 

At Your Canine Nutritionist, we create and formulate commercial products with precision and optimal nutrition to guarantee that your product (s) will exceed industry standards and help lead you to success.

Veterinary Services

Our professional veterinary referral services allows veterinarians to refer challenging dietary cases that require expert guidance and management to nutrition-related issues. We provide a wide array of solutions to effectively handle these cases and attain the best possible results.

Premade Recipes

All recipes are based on science and follow the requirements of NRC and AAFCO.

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