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The Importance Of Canine Nutrition

For the longest time, people fed their dogs whatever they found at their local grocery store without overthinking it. Hard kibble and canned food were the only real options. At least, until we started to analyze what exactly was in these foods, or should we say, what wasn’t in them.

Most dog foods on the shelves don’t contain much in the way of nutrients. They’re made with fillers, cornmeal and other by-products that you wouldn’t want to eat.

Your Canine Nutritionist - Nutritional Canine Recipes

What Dog Companions Need To Know About Kidney Disease

As I was recently thinking about the cases that I often see the most, I got a phone call from another client with a dog who is experiencing kidney issues. Out of all the health concerns that I deal with in dogs, kidney disease is, unfortunately, one of the most prevalent.

To help you better understand this sadly far too common issue with canines, here is some essential information on the function of the kidneys,

Your Canine Nutritionist - Nutritional Canine Recipes

Carbohydrates And Your Dog’s Diet

Over the past few decades, we have heard many different things regarding carbohydrates and their correlation to our diets. Well, rightfully so, these concerns have found their way into our dog’s eating habits as well. Grains, once considered an integral part of a human’s and a dog’s diet, have come into question in recent years due to gluten allergies and intolerance.

Carbohydrates are organic compounds that occur in foods and living tissue, including sugars,

Your Canine Nutritionist - Nutritional Canine Recipes

Liver Disease In Dogs – What You Need To Know

The liver plays several vital roles in the overall health of your dog, and unfortunately, liver disease is a serious issue that affects a lot of dogs in their lifetime. It’s important to remember that liver disease can occur in your dog for an array of reasons. It could be their age, their breed’s disposition to liver problems, the result of other untreated issues or a variety of other causes tied to toxins or genetic abnormalities.

Your Canine Nutritionist - Nutritional Canine Recipes

The Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Canine Allergies

As with humans, our canine friends can have allergies and sensitivities to various things. These ailments can have a very negative overall effect on their health and happiness. A lot of allergies are easily misdiagnosed or thought of as typical problems that all dogs face, but not confronting these concerns could lead to other ailments or hardships for the duration of your furry friend’s lifespan.

Recognizing and addressing issues as soon as possible can offer your dog a better means of living while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in medical bills down the road.

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