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Martina is an accomplished and qualified canine nutrition expert, holding the esteemed title of Certified Pet Nutritionist (Cert, PN). With a profound dedication to the health and well-being of dogs, she earned her Advanced Canine and Feline Nutrition Certification with honors from Southern Illinois University. Martina’s academic journey is marked by a comprehensive array of courses in canine nutrition, formulation, anatomy, physiology, and disease management, all of which underpin her expert knowledge in her field.

Specializing in canine nutrition and recipe formulation, Martina collaborates with individual clients, veterinarians, and commercial companies to create precise and optimally nutritious diets for dogs. Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that a balanced, whole-food diet is essential for a dog’s best health, improved longevity, and effective disease management.

Martina is committed to continuous learning and stays at the forefront of the evolving field of canine nutrition and natural health. She has a particular interest and extensive experience in addressing canine gastrointestinal issues and understanding the complexities of the microbiome. Through her ongoing education and practical experience, Martina remains a trusted and innovative leader in canine nutrition, dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs through superior dietary practices.

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Martina has worked in collaboration with pet owners since 2015 addressing canine nutrition concerns including healthy adult dogs and growing puppies, as well as complicated cases like cancer, heart disease, pancreatitis, bladder stones, liver disease, food intolerance, gastrointestinal issues, IBD, Colitis and more. She has worked with clients formulating NRC balanced raw and cooked diets that are unique for each dog’s nutritional requirements.

Martina is the visionary founder and owner of The Healthy Barker, a thriving business specializing in fresh-cooked and raw dog food. She has personally crafted an exclusive line of freshly prepared meals and whole food supplements for dogs. With over a decade of experience in the fresh dog food industry, Martina has developed and formulated hundreds of successful products for the commercial market, establishing herself as a leader in the field.

Martina’s passion for canine nutrition and natural health ignited over two decades ago when she got her first dogs. Seeing the incredible benefits of a fresh, wholesome diet firsthand, she fed her two dogs freshly cooked meals and watched them thrive with fewer vet visits and long, healthy lives. This transformative experience fueled her dedication to creating natural, nutritious food for dogs everywhere.

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Martina is deeply committed to advancing her knowledge in the ever-evolving realm of canine nutrition and natural health. With a focus on canine gastrointestinal health and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the microbiome, she brings both passion and extensive experience to her work. Continuously expanding her horizons, Martina is currently immersed in studying herbology and exploring canine nutrigenomics-how food impacts dogs genetically and their overall health. Through continuous learning and hands-on-practice, Martina remains a respected and forward-thinking authority in the field, dedicated to improving dogs’ lives through optimal dietary strategies.

individualized nutritional plans that are specially designed for your dog’s optimal health according to their specific breed, age, and medical history while being suited to your lifestyle and budget.

A wide range of homemade recipes and nutritional formulations for healthy dogs and dogs with health conditions that pet owners have experienced long-term success with.

Commercial recipe formulations are designed for corporates to connect with their customers desires and their businesses thrive because of people raving about their products!

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Ruth P
“Martina is truly a hidden gem! She is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. We have a young lab who has the copper gene. Martina was very compassionate about his needs and my concerns. Our young man is enjoying his custom diet that Martina created just for him! Words cannot express the gratitude we feel and new hope for a long life for our young man!”
Carrie & Ron Jackson
“Martina has been wonderful with helping us come up with a solution for our Bull Mastiff who was recently diagnosed with PLN. Between many messages, phone calls and even working on a Sunday for us to pick up some homemade dog food, she has gone above and beyond! Thank you Martina!!”
Nick R
"Martina is a certified canine nutritionist who has mentored with a veterinary nutritionist! I was so excited to come across her website. Both my dogs love the food SO much. And my dog hasn’t vomited since!! My dogs also no longer have extremely stinky farts, and they don’t burp as often now after meals. Thank you, Martina, for the wonderful service and high-quality dog food."
Pamela C
"My English Bulldog has food sensitivities and doesn’t do well on kibble or any of the other gently cooked meal delivery services in Toronto (tried them all). I turned to the expert; Martina. Gnocchi’s allergies are now under control, her skin looks great, her bowel movements are healthy, her energy levels are high, she’s drinking water regularly and she LOVES mealtime!"

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