Nutritional Canine Recipes

Personalized Nutrition for a Healthy thriving pet

With over 10 years of experience in canine health and nutrition, we formulate NRC and AAFCO balanced wholefood cooked and raw diets for pet owners and for commercial companies

Food Is

Every Dog's Love Language!


We offer pet owners with personalized diet plans that are formulated to meet their canine’s personal nutritional requirements and cater to their unique needs.

We also provide revolutionary commercial formulations that leverage manufacturers, startups, and seasoned industry experts with meticulously crafted pet food recipes and an innovative, competitive edge to take their brand to unprecedented heights.

All recipes are based on science and follow the requirements of NRC and AAFCO, the individual pet’s health, dietary requirements, breed, and life stage. 

We take the time to get to know each dog so we can create personalized nutritional plans that will transform and enhance your pet’s health and longevity. We empower pet owners and pet companies to prevent disease and manage canine health with recipes that are easy to prepare, attainable and affordable. 

Our top priority has both you and your dog’s well-being in mind. 

Dogs Are A Part Of The Family


Recipe Formulations

Find the raw or cooked diet that is perfectly adapted to your dog’s nutritional needs while also aligned with your household lifestyle, time constraints and availability. Recipes can be formulated for single & multi-dog households. This is a great way to prevent diseases while enhancing longevity.

We provide consultation and recipe formulations that achieve a balanced diet with the appropriate nutrients. We can use your current recipe if you are already preparing your dog’s meals or formulate a new diet. Whole, real food is the foundation for dogs to thrive and live a long and joyful life.

Therapeutic Formulations

Address the root cause of your pet’s condition and address it with an individualized therapeutic diet and recipe formulations that restore the balance in your dog’s body and ease the condition by removing toxic dietary elements that are causing pain, disease, and discomfort.

These issues can include health problems such as obesity/weight loss; food intolerances; organ support (liver, heart, kidney disease); gastrointestinal problems such as IBD; colitis; pancreatitis; skin/coat health; cancer; and joint issues

Veterinarian Services

I collaborate closely with veterinary professionals to develop specialized therapeutic diets designed to address a diverse range of medical conditions, including but not limited to cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), kidney, heart, and liver diseases. My expertise extends to crafting weight loss diets and tailored formulations for puppies. Additionally, I possess the capability to provide innovative solutions for dogs with reduced appetite, dietary plans for dogs in end-of-life situations, and ketogenic diets tailored to the unique needs of dogs dealing with cancer.

Weight Loss Consulting & Recipe Formulation

Obesity occurs for a variety of reasons, but an unhealthy diet is typically the main culprit. Many pet foods contain fillers, additives and items featuring little to no nutritional value. Fortunately, if obesity gets addressed early enough, it can be altered, and your dog can live a long and healthy life.

We offer a weight loss consultation that lasts for one month. During this time, we will assess your dog’s individual needs and adjust their diet to get them into better shape both physically and mentally.

Puppy-Focused Formulations

Discovering the ideal nutritional meal plan for your puppies is key to ensuring their specific dietary requirements are met during the important foundational years that will set the tone for their health and overall development. I embrace an approach that proactively safeguards against illnesses and promotes their overall longevity.

This recipe formulating service is for dog owners who would like to feed their puppy a healthy homemade diet (whether partial or full, cooked or raw) that is specifically formulated to their needs. We will work closely with you to make the necessary dietary changes until your puppy becomes an adult.


Commercial Formulations

Find a recipe that adheres to the nutritional requirements instated by law while also providing your customers with additional nutrient levels with a formulation that goes beyond the minimum requirements. More products are needed on the market that are actually providing a healthy and wholesome option for dogs.

We have the knowledge and experience to help your existing business grow and thrive. May your business be small, large, or you’re just starting. We want to help you with your passion for assisting dogs in living healthy and joyful lives.


Meet Martina

I have transformed hundreds of dog’s taste preferences and dietary needs into simple and individualized nutritional plans that are specially designed for your dog’s optimal health according to their specific breed, age, and medical history while being suited to your lifestyle and budget.

I have designed a wide range of homemade recipes and nutritional formulations for healthy dogs and dogs with health conditions that pet owners have experienced long-term success with.

I am also an expert that works alongside commercial companies to bring healthy and wholesome dog food products to the market that meet the industry standards and include precise nutrient selections. My recipe formulations are designed for corporates to connect with their customers desires and their businesses thrive because of people raving about their products!

“Nourishing foods are the answer to working in harmony with the nutritional needs of canines.

What Clients Have To Say

Ruth P

“Martina is truly a hidden gem! She is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. We have a young lab who has the copper gene. Martina was very compassionate about his needs and my concerns. Our young man is enjoying his custom diet that Martina created just for him! Words cannot express the gratitude we feel and new hope for a long life for our young man!”

Carrie & Ron Jackson

“Martina has been wonderful with helping us come up with a solution for our Bull Mastiff who was recently diagnosed with PLN. Between many messages, phone calls and even working on a Sunday for us to pick up some homemade dog food, she has gone above and beyond! Thank you Martina!!”

Nick R

"Martina is a certified canine nutritionist who has mentored with a veterinary nutritionist! I was so excited to come across her website. Both my dogs love the food SO much. And my dog hasn’t vomited since!! My dogs also no longer have extremely stinky farts, and they don’t burp as often now after meals. Thank you, Martina, for the wonderful service and high-quality dog food."

Pamela C

My English Bulldog has food sensitivities and doesn’t do well on kibble or any of the other gently cooked meal delivery services in Toronto (tried them all). I turned to the expert; Martina. Gnocchi’s allergies are now under control, her skin looks great, her bowel movements are healthy, her energy levels are high, she’s drinking water regularly and she LOVES mealtime!

“Perfect nutritional balance can be achieved in a simple dietary plan that is aligned with a canine’s personal requirements.

Why Choose Us?


Appropriate canine nutrition is the foundation of health & disease management.


We combine healing foods with appropriate science-based nutrition, apply naturopathic & herbal remedies


We consider breed, age, lifestyle, & behaviors when addressing health goals & root causes of health conditions.


We work alongside pet owners to ensure affordability, accessibility, and ease so that they can maintain the plan.


perfectly balanced and packed with supreme ingredients.

As a highly experienced pet nutritionist, I understand that wholesome foods and a balanced diet are key to thriving well-being and longevity. 

My experience in the nutrition sciences, animal health, recipe formulations, and my deep love for dogs, I will formulate an individualized diet for your dog that is brimming with wholesome healing foods, and the right balance of herbal and traditional supplements. 

Providing you and your dog with complete and balanced meals with the optimal nutrition will provide you and your dog with a life of ease, comfort and enjoyment allowing you to savour your time with them.